It’s all in my head…

My Head

Is good enough okay?

I must have been about 8 years old when I created this head, which has sat on my shelf for the past half decade plus; hence the dusty chia-pet look. It was crafted from one of the those beginner sculpture kits that came with clay, a handful of tools, a swivel base and a how-to book. It’s nose has been busted more times than Rocky Balboa’s, yet I refuse to reset it to its natural state.

It is surprising to me why this hunk of clay holds so much meaning, but it does. It was born of my hands and my vision and something inside me nags that there is something good about it; I find the expression haunting and to this day I do not know what it could be thinking – or what I was thinking. Ultimately, it calls to my desire to be an artistic soul and it challenges my fears that my skills and creativity won’t stack up to others.

It is my privilege to know an array of amazing artisans and skilled hobbyists, be it in fiber arts, quilting, painting, ceramics, woodwork, sculpture, photography, writing, floral design and many other areas of interest. I love what they do and I want to be part of club, but despite all the how-to videos, books and classes there is something that holds me back. The inner Veruca Salt in me screams “Don’t care how I want it now!” like talent and expertise will instantly appear out of space. Well, that is not realistic and creates a degree of expectation that becomes paralyzing.

What I am learning, and what I want to share, is how to shake the stumbling blocks that stymie your creative side and have fun with the process. This blog is a step in my journey. It is about breaking down the barrier of fear that what I have to offer is not of value. After all, what can I add that isn’t already out there? Will the blog be good enough for others to want to read and reply? Will my English always be correct? Will I sound like an ass? I don’t know the answers to these questions and won’t know unless I actually do it. Just like in art. You have to start somewhere.

My beginning is reconnecting with the freedom and satisfaction one felt as a kid coloring a drawing that ended up on the fridge,  molding the ceramic ash tray that sat on the end table, or scuplting a head that will sit on your shelf forever. It’s about opening your senses; the smell of wood working, the texture of fiber, and colors of nature.  It’s about mushing paper with finger paint and sticking your hands in a big bowl of jello and squeezing.  It’s about the feeling the flow of cool gelatin as it oozes through your fingers and watching how the shapes change and colors merge. It’s about letting go of stress and anxiety and just having fun in the moment.  It’s about letting your creative juices flow.

My hope is that others will share their experiences, their expertise, their inspiration, and their support as we break free from what holds us back.  And I’m hoping that others give exploration a chance and join me in my journey in determining whether good enough is okay.  After all, sometimes the best route to getting out of your way is getting out of your head.

4 thoughts on “It’s all in my head…

  1. We all should learn to ‘aim for the fridge’! You won’t find a Monet on the fridge…you’ll find CREATIVE and REAL!
    It’s a sunny summer day…perfect for some jello! I’m so excited to follow your journey

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    1. I can’t wait to see what you create!

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  2. Sounds like fun to me. Bring on the fun! And regard all the hours of practice as fun, not as duty. Nothing is wasted…

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    1. Thank you, Rachel. I agree with you completely!

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