Writers Postcard Challenge No. 1…

What do you think is happening here?…

This old 1910 postcard seems ripe for storytelling! How would you caption it? Does it spark dialogue or a short story that you would be willing to share?

Let’s flex some writing creativity and see what surfaces….

All those responding will learn where the photo was taken and who published it! 


2 thoughts on “Writers Postcard Challenge No. 1…

  1. Okay, so, this is totally silly but I had a thought on the postcard and, you got me, too, STJ, because I am curious as to where the picture was taken. However, I don’t have a caption and definitely not a story. Instead, just a few words spoken between a married man and woman in line with the old country shows from the past that this scene reminds me of.

    And, since I like humor even if it is very corny (a serious warning) I could envision Ma saying to Pa,

    “Well, you know, Pa. I just got to say. This time, you did a much better job of fixin’ that bathtub plumbin’ than you did the last time.”

    And Pa, both proud and content driving along, replying, “Aw, shucks, Ma. I guess I did, didn’t I.”

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    1. That is too funny! I love the old Ma and Pa and their understated communication. 😁. I love that you took this in an unexpected direction. Thanks for playing and I’ll message you the information.


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